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      Outreach & Education

      Bringing Chinese dance to people is the founding mission of Hong Kong Dance Company. The Outreach and Education department has been actively pursuing this goal by reaching out to schools and local communities with educational programmes since the Company was founded more than 30 years ago.

      A major part of our work is to organize events such as dance demonstrations, school performances, exhibitions and workshops to engage students and local communities in dance. We aim to cultivate the interest in dance among the general public. We also invite students to participate in Hong Kong Dance Company’s main productions, so that they can gain life-enhancing experience performing on stage.

      In addition, we offer dance courses for all ages, including Evening Dance Courses and the Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Dance Graded Examination Courses, as well as run collaborations with local organizations to share the joy of dancing.


      Ms. Banly Cheung

      Tel: 3103 1882

      Ms. Maria Liu

      Tel: 3103 1880

      Mr. Tsang Kam-sing

      Tel: 3103 1881

      Ms. Tsui Suk-har

      Tel: 3103 1811