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      Press Room

      To obtain high resolution images for editorial use, please contact the Marketing & Development Department:

      Ms. Chris Lam (Marketing & Development Manager)
      Tel: 3103 1828
      Email: chris@hkdance.com

      Hong Kong Dance Company is Honoured with Two Hong Kong Dance Awards 2019

      19 Apr 2019

      "Ode to the Silk Road": Ethnic Dances of the Western Lands – A Joyful Celebration

      15 Feb 2019

      Hong Kong Dance Company Educational Performance "Get-to-know Mulan"

      31 Jan 2019

      Hong Kong Dance Company Dance Season 2019/20 - Believe in the traces of the heartbeat. Just dance

      28 Jan 2019

      "Ode to the Silk Road" - Dance Poetry of the Distant West

      03 Jan 2019

      "Hong Kong Week 2018@Taipei" Grand Dance Drama "L’Amour Immortel" - Retelling the Tale of Love and Memory

      04 Dec 2018

      "Hong Kong Week 2018 @Taipei" Grand Dance Drama L’Amour Immortel - Love endures. In this world – or any others

      31 Aug 2018

      Dance Theatre x Minimalist Canton-Opera "WAITING HEART" - Bamboo moving with the wind, a curtain opens; an old acquaintance is coming, I suspect

      31 Jul 2018

      Dance Theatre x Minimal Canto-Opera "WAITING HEART" - Till death do us part: a conquest of love, fate and free will

      13 Jul 2018

      Hong Kong Dance Company Dance Season 2018/19

      13 Mar 2018